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Leather/Vinyl Protect

Leather & Vinyl Protect is a long-lasting conditioner designed to safeguard leather and vinyl surfaces. It provides superior protection from harmful UV rays, prevents cracking and fading while repelling soils and spills. 
Help keep your vehicle as beautiful on the inside as it looks on the outside by preserving the natural finish of your interior!

Enzyme Odour Remover A GardGroup BioBrand Eco-Friendly Product logo

Utilizing BioBrand® Eco-Friendly Technology Enzyme Odour Remover is an efficient odour neutralizer with an easy spray-on and walk-away application process. A natural and environmentally safe product utilizing BioBrand's Eco-Friendly Technology. Enzyme Odour Remover provides effective, immediate and long-term control of smells from all types of organic odours. Based on a controlled release process, special enzymes in this odour eliminator continue working long after application, providing tough control and preventing the formation of new odorous substances.

To Preserve & Protect®

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