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Private Labelling

 GardGroup Private Labelling

You can rest assured knowing that you are offering a unique state-of-the-art product to your customers utilizing GardGroup's Private Labelling options. Allow us to help you establish your image with our in-house marketing services and custom product packaging design options.

GardGroup's mandate is to preserve & protect® today’s various surfaces from the harsh environment in which we live. We believe that our quality surface protection products show in the ease of application, longevity and their durability.

We also offer environmentally friendly products that are designed using BioBrand® Eco-Friendly technology to respect both our planet and its resources.

Custom Product Design

  • •  Custom product development: blending and packaging (individual product or entire lines of products).
  • •  Custom chemical solutions packages for Dealer giveaways and Retail Sales.
  • •  On-site product analysis.
  • •  Ensured product consistency with C.O.C. (Certificate of Conformity).
  • •  Flexibility with minimum quantity as low as 50 pieces.

Marketing Services

  • •  Private label and brand imaging capability for individual products and packages.
  • •  Custom point of sale creation.
  • •  Custom sales training.
  • •  Individual product branding and packaging.

To Preserve & Protect®

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